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Apollo and Daphne

“The god said to her,
since you can’t be my bride,
at least you will certainly be my tree!
My hair(s) will always have you,
my lyres [will have you],
my quivers [will have you], o Laurel;”

(Ovidius, Metamorphoses)

Ancient Greek mythology has been my inspiration from the beginning. The lovable and unfulfilled love of the god Apollo for the nymph Daphne has fascinated me at times. This artwork was created in 1973. Since then, I have come back with different artistic and morphological approaches. In the foreground we see Apollo, the God of light, patron of the arts and divination, playing a guitar unassuming under the crescent moon in his beloved Daphne, whose characteristics are seen in the background. Daphne feels nothing for Apollo as Eros sends her a lead arrow making her heart of stone (See blue lips and closed eyes).





Oil on canvas


Private collection