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On the way to Crucifixion

. . The way to Golgotha, the so-called Cranium, is illustrated by this raw naturalistic composition. Jesus, in the foreground, loaded with the cross of martyrdom, clearly in a larger form than the other faces of the composition, stands out in the whole. In contrast to other similar compositions, where we see Jesus tormented, here his image is intensely meaningful, expressing his displeasure and resentment for the situation he is experiencing. The expressive power of the image becomes even more impressive with the opening of his mouth and the tilted head in the opposite direction from the executioner standing in front of him, who stares at us with determination. To the right of Jesus and in front of him, the High Priest and President of the Great Jewish Congress, who sentenced Jesus to death, Caiaphas, is proud and dressed in white. People are watching the episode, some of them happy and others obviously sad. In the background stand out the spears of the soldiers who accompany Jesus and, in the background, the two crosses in the darkened and cloudy sky.

Characteristic of this painting is the live painting execution with details of almost photographic realism. The shades of black, red and brown, which emphasize the religious tautness, dominate.




100 cm x 170 cm


Oil on canvas


Vorre Museum, Athens