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The fire-ships
Hellenic Revolution of 1821 against Turks.

During the Greek revolution against the Turks in 1821, the battle between the opponent forces was exceptionally uneven. The Turkish fleet was in possession of the most powerful warships that sailed the seas at the time. The Greeks, on the other hand, due to all those years of subjugation, only possessed some cargo ships, mainly for wheat transport, which had been turned into warships with 5-6 canons. This shortage of power initiated the idea of the “fire-ship” that is a ship filled with explosives which bold sailors attached to Turkish monster ships and then set on fire. Despite their shortages, through this improvised and primitive manner of attack the Greek revolutionaries managed to terrorise Turkish crews to such an extent that they took to flight at the mere sight of fire ships.




150 cm x 200 cm


Oil on canvas


Private collection