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Battle of the Teutoburg Forest

This painting depicts the battle of the Teutoburg Forest, the conflict between Germanic tribes led by Arminius ( German: Hermann) versus Roman legions led by Publius Quinctilius Varus, in 9 CE in the area of present-day Lower Saxony, which ended with a decisive Germanic victory. Arminius, the triumph of the battle, can be seen in the center of the painting, on his horse. Upon hearing of the defeat, the Emperor Augustus repeatedly shouting “Varus…Quinctilius Varus…Give me back my legions!”
In the composition coexist harmoniously the gold-red and brown colors together with cooler colors, while the intensity of the battlefield is heightened by the cloudy sky and the fiery flames in the forest.
The combination of colors, vibrant shapes, heroic legends and intensity give the painting epic characteristics.




160 cm x 200 cm


Oil on canvas


Private collection