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Nicolaos Kriezotis at the battle of Vatitsi 6th May 1823.
Hellenic Revolution of 1821 against Turks.

The commander of Karystos, Nicolaos Kriezotis, had the invincible Omer Bey of Chalkida as his adversary up until 6 May 1823. That was when he confronted the forces of Omer Bey in a treacherous, yet ingenious way. He ordered his men to place poisonous snakes in hollow pumpkins open over the Turks causing them to flee. The Turkish forces scattered and it was very hard for them to regroup. In tribute to this, I have depicted this incident which documents the ways in which the Greek spirit made up for the tragic lack of means during their fight for Freedom.




200 cm x 300 cm


Oil on canvas


Private collection