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Historical Cycle

My love for Greece and for History, in general, gave birth, to a series of paintings of historical themes. I had already noticed, by studying the Greek painting, that too many crucial moments in History, were not narrated pictorially yet…That was a strong challenge for me to begin a new thematic, parallel to my, so far usual painting, which belongs to Magic realism. Thus, I have depicted epical oil paintings, in terms of dimensions also, inspired by Ancient Greek History, the epos of Alexander the Great, the glory of Byzantium and the struggle of the Greeks against the Turks in 1821. However, as the great historical moments define the destiny of nations and affect us all, I also painted themes inspired by World History. By this thematic unit, I believe that the spectator can have a larger perception of my work, as well as of my pictorial identity.

The trilogy of the Fall